Peace be with you

That phrase remains in my head, every first Friday or important day for the Catholic religion was the phrase that was tattooed on my soul, on my being. Many times I think that part of my academic training was based on seeking peace, or perhaps creating it.

At the time of giving peace in high school, we all looked each other in the eye, we smiled. When my parents used to take me to church I would see the one in the back, the one on one side, they all did the same. Few looked shy or pretended not to see you, turning slowly to their side partner to chat, while the others gave each other peace.

This has made me reflect a lot on what peace is. Peace according to the RAE is "harmony between people without confrontations or conflicts", harmony is that harmony of knowledge, forces and hearts found, without differences of anything. Seeking peace does not work. Create peace, yes.

I remember my first classes as a high school teacher, when I mentioned that I was, my acquaintances said that my profession was crazy. Fight against adolescents who constantly change their mood, or who do not respect limits. I used to reflect a lot on that, my first day in a classroom, it was a war for me, because I faced something that was very familiar (because at some point I was a teenager and sometimes I still am).

So, I lined up with them, I went to the back of the room to see what the panorama looked like, how the harmony (the one that didn't exist) arose.
We left that perfect square, which was imperfect for me at the time because it didn't give me the harmony that I wanted, it gave me more conflicts than solutions. Once again I remembered that day when my high school literature teacher scratched the wall, he left the painting, the blackboard. He encouraged us to do that. So, I told them that we had to get out of that box, go to the patio, form a circle and talk about what hurt us.

Understanding the other creates peace, listening to the other creates peace, talking about oneself before others creates peace.

I keep thinking that today, I want to create peace, from myself, to later be at peace with others.

Peace be with you all. Carpe Diem.

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